Saturday, November 26, 2011

me and a 1.5 week old

check the size of my thumb in comparison to her body (note: i have normal thumbs - may even refer to them as 'stubby') 
never held such a tiny thing in my arms ever.

new additions

shirt: legit

bag: mr price (love!)
duvet: mr price kids

necklace: china town
jersey: mr price
vest: mr price

mr price (current fave)
sheet: target (usa)

dress: china town

sandals: mr price
skirt:: china town
rug: mr price home

shirt: mr price
sheet: target (usa)

skirt: china town
curtains: mr price home

our save the date

made it myself - hope you can't tell.

some wedding inspiration


have had some wildly crazy and traumatic times the past while. missed blogging and documenting things. just been too busy to even think about sitting down to write about it. fiance is back in zimbabwe and i stayed behind to do wedding stuffs and also to be with my desperately ill granny. things have got progressively worse for her the past few weeks and that has what has been keeping me so busy and otherwise occupied. 

sad times.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

current favourite shoes

found at legit for 80 ronts. got some pink ones too.

some of our wonderful engagement pressies

this, dear friends, is a sun oven. greg and i have been lusting after one for years. we were gifted it by his 2 aunts and uncles. so stoked with it! can't wait to cook up a storm with it!

disco ball vase and swanky champagne cooler.

one can never have too many 'LOVE' things.

super stoked with this. it was on the top of our list! we sometimes feel we are missing out on identifying so many birds, insects, trees and flowers where we are in zimbabwe. hopefully this will help us from now on.

radical round bottomed glasses. apparently for people who live on ships (which is what greg and i will be doing for 6 months next year)

beaut tablecloth and matching glasses

gah! so rad!

ecstatic with this one! 

super soft bamboo towels - oooooh.

plenty of champers - hooray!

and this beast - makes us very happy!