Wednesday, April 27, 2011


got this cuuuute notebook from mr. price home. 

makes me want to cut out of sewing magazines, stick fabric swabs into it, design dresses and jot down little inspiring quotes (about crafting)

or i could just use it for lists. 

t-shirt bed. uh ha.


i bought this bedset last season...but sleeping in t-shirt material has got to be my favourite, most snuggly pastime. and it's grey melange - one of my bestest fabrics. 

you know when you spend a crapload on something but you don't care because it's so rad? that.

i have one of these things.

i bought these rad wooden signs at @home.

i did not buy this shirt. but if i could find it, i would buy it.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

my shopping list

my shopping list

ah little bit of sunday fun for me. 

check out polyvore to make your own shopping list. 

ps. that black maxi skirt costs 20 000 zar's

baking fun


my friend, rox, and i had some afternoon baking fun yesterday. we liked the carrots most. but we did get bored halfway through the icing process and drank tea and ate the profits instead.


Tuesday, April 19, 2011

penpal love


...and as if i wasn't spoilt enough yesterday, i just picked up this surprise from the post office this morning.

lots of pink post love from my twitter pal, natali


treats from los estados unidos

my folks just spent 2 weeks in the USA. my dad attended the masters golf tournament in augusta- a lifelong dream of his. and my mum...shopped. a life long talent of hers.

i got spoilt beyond are some of the highlights:


retractable felt-tip pens! and metallic ones!

it's a hook! it's from ikea!

most favourite hand cream ever from crabtree and evelyn.

gasp. have you ever even smelt this?

easter cookie cutters! and some fun woodland critter ones too. 

excited for moose cookies!

...winter better hurry the flip up and finish.


goodies for the face area.

cupcake treats.

"wear heels for longer" "prevents foot ache"

i'm all for these.

1 terabyte i tell you! downloaaaaaaaaad!

favourite! (for all the right reasons)


i got a whole bunch of other stuff. including a brand new garmin! feeling so blessed and spoilt.

anyone wanna come over and share some jelly beans?


Monday, April 18, 2011

baba ganoush


bf requested some baby pics of me so i thought i would share them. close your eyes to the naked one please. 

had such a laugh with my sister when we hauled all the albums out - lay on the floor for hours hosing ourselves at memories and outfits. 

thank goodness for photographs.


pink bastard has a boo boo :(


can you buy plasters for bikes?


reminded me of something off gossip girl. kinda. just love blouses and ribbons at the moment. mr price makes me happy yet again.


i'm not really a pump man but i like these.

wore them with this dress and necklace.

Monday, April 11, 2011

new things.

copppelia dress. from the space. was r440. got it for r190.


mr price deliciousness. top r20 bottom r50

sunglasses case (a nasty lesson was learnt when my mum sat on my expensive glasses) and the cute bunny badge we got for free at the kotton & twille show at fashion week.



sweet ne?


love gift wrapping! really liked these bows and ribbon from the space. was r60. got it for r29. sweet deal.

tan slip-on brogues. comfy deluxe.

love fun new cheap stuff.


fashion week!

so my pal, natalie, asked me to accompany her, vip style, to fashion week on sunday evening. we arrived at shine studios in braamfontein - such a beautiful venue - to our photo being taken, free drinks and lindor chocolate balls on tap (not many were eating them - just sneaking them in their bags)


the venue for the show was in a building next door and involved a pretty hairy walk across an erected scafolding thingy - wearing heels immediately proved stupid. didn't even get to take a pic - too busy hyperventilating and 'don't look down-ing'

elme bekker


forgot who this was: oops.


much smarteez love


a short break between shows meant another hairy walk across the 'bridge' or as nat and i decided...down the stairs and then up some other stairs again. just enough time to grab another sign of food...tummy grumbling...sunday night munchies guys.

back across the 'bridge' time for clive rundle...i don't know him or his style, just heard his name and there seemed to be a general hype so i was excited. realised i actually have no photos of that show, most probably because i was too busy trying to pick my mouth up off the floor, reading my twitter feed and watching the crowds reaction. best description: WTF?

dion chang mentioned something about it being an alien adventure. go dion! i know little about fashion but enough to know that i could have made most of those items, with my eyes closed and without a sewing machine. the dresses were bizarre...most were unhemmed and erratically cut, some had oriental plaza-looking chiffon tied in a bundle on arms or legs or shoulders. models often looked like they had a giant organza naartjie (unhemmed) attached to them. there were black velvet bellbottoms involved, one legged stockings and bizarre masks made out of shredded paper circa standard one.


mind blown.

most fashion journalists and bloggers around me were speechless and the tweets pretty much confirmed the wtf-ness i was thinking.

back across the 'bridge'. (or down and up the stairs)

more drinks and this time a few people were seen nibbling at salads in plastic containers with wooden forks (i could've eaten a horse by now) but still no serious sign of any kind of serious food. is food not part of these people's lives? (natalie: "we just want a prawn on a stick or something")

we were guests of vodacom and so mingled around with them for a bit and chit chatted. all the while, spotting some seriously stylish people as well as some disasters of note (crop tops on over 50 year olds: i saw it.)

the venue was truly fabulous. up above the bustling streets of braamfontein and with the city at our feet.

back across the blasted 'bridge' - they actually had people helping you step up onto it because it was so bloody dangerous.

the show i had been looking forward to the most: leigh schubert, colleen eitzen, kotten and twille and more. front row seats! and the cutest little bunny badge on our seats when we got there.

the show blew me away:


 leigh schubert's dreamy collection. beautiful palette, designs and music (florence and the machines - woo!)

 colleen eitzen's was also divine and involved real ballet shoes, denim, satin and satchel bags.


terence bray was great too. bit of oriental vibe and lots of bright colours and lace-up sandals.

so that was my night of fashion week. it was delightful. i loved the experience - i could never be involved in that industry though - i need food.

what i wore: black one piece with gold tiger print, army green high waist pants, chunky wooden heels.

the cheese toast when i got home never tasted so good.