Monday, July 25, 2011


took a walk with the girls this morning. how cute are they?

there's something about a chalkboard

i painted a chalkboard wall in our kitchen the other day...

inspired by so many...


a little lunch

first make rad bread dough

then make a rad tomato sauce

then smear rad tomato sauce on rad bread dough


sprinkle cheese and fresh herbs and bake


how pretty?

rainbow spinach chard from our garden.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

more house stuff

two more walls i've attacked...


bath time

bath time for the girls yesterday. was hilarious. 


grub's up

the one thing about moving to zimbabwe and living off the land is that you become very resourceful with food. 

you can't get everything here - only really basic food - anything too excessive is way expensive. make do with what you have and make it rad whilst you're at it.

healthy, vegetarian food is the order of the day because there are only a few hours a day of electricity and it becomes impossible to keep meat or anything similar refirigerated (secretly jubilant moment)

i love knocking up quick, healthy, yummy food. i bake bread nearly every day and we eat out of our veggie garden. shops are about an hour away and when you get there, it's pretty disappointing and overpriced anyway.

bulgar wheat, spring onions, red peppers, tomatoes, feta and olives with homemade flatbread and an aubergine, yoghurt and dill sauce

a new mantelpiece

here's what i did to our mantlepiece that was looking a bit worse for wear. inspired by our favourite cookbook by our favourite chefs.

weird thing about living in this house in zimbabwe is that is not actually ours so we don't want to do too much to it.

but we also want it to be home. because it is home for now.


Monday, July 18, 2011

a sunday afternoon

yesterday afternoon greg had a bit of time off so we played a spot of tennis, went for a lovely walk, found the chapel we will get married in and had the raddest, laziest night in front of the fire eating cheese fondue.


sweet backdrop hey?


me and charlie the sausage


our cheese and wine fondue with bok choi, blanched mange touts, grilled aubergine and tomato skewers, thyme mushrooms, marinated olives and crispy cubes of ciabatta.