Wednesday, July 13, 2011

delicious ambiguity...

so it's been 1 week of zimbabwe living and zimbabwe loving. so many new adjustments and changes and just a general wind-down because it is CHILLED here. so many emotions have already come to play. many tears. many laughs. many 'wtf' moments but generally good and happy and exciting feelings.

the trip up here was fairly uneventful - a R1500 traffic fine that we got out of, an almost disappointingly easy border experience, rad padkos, a severely overloaded car, plenty pretty scenery and long long roads.

it took us 2 days to get here which i think was actually quite smart. it meant a night in musina in a swanky hotel and one last night in south africa.

arriving in zimbabwe was awesome! it felt like i was back home! it's so pretty here! the people are poor man, wow, but so joyful and kind.


my first zimbabwe sunrise


this is the birchenough bridge. it's like the eiffel tower of zimbabwe. it links masvingo and mutare. mutare being the closest town to which i live (although it's actually quite far)


our pooches


this is our house in the mountains

my sister made this awesome cushion for us and it now lives in the lounge.

have had a lot of fun decorating our house but still waiting for a whole cargo truck of my stuff from south africa to arrive and then things are going to get real in here!

will post more house pics soon. am about to embark on painting the lyrics of  'home' by edward sharpe onto a wall in the lounge whilst my boyfriend slaves away in the kitchen doing what he does best. he has been my saving grace in this transition. what a special person.


just a few more pics of where i live right now...


pretty much want to get married in this here building...


sweet deal huh?


  1. Amazing, Sian...just amazing.

  2. Breathtaking. Am so very happy for you. You deserve all the goodness coming your way. x

  3. Soon it'll be green... Imagine the photos then. Glad everything is going well :)

  4. fun times and adventures ahead friend!
    i'm loving the eiffel tower bridge a lot :)

  5. Your house is lovely and that back yard...! WOW I wish you all the best in your new adventure and so much happiness while making your house a home x

  6. Sending you lots of love and peace for this new chapter in your life...cherish every moment Kat xxx

  7. You guys are awesome!! Seriously, moving out to a spot that peeps think is going down.. Good on yous twos. Its looking beautiful already. Own it, yeah.

    All the best!!

  8. THANK YOU my friends! now pack your bags and get over here! xxx