Tuesday, March 29, 2011

i like bargain shopping too much. (for pretty things mostly)

none of these items were over 200 buckeroos. except the flouncy peach dress. but who cares really. it's pretty.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

i smell pretty again

there is this fabulous clearance warehouse in fourways that sells a whole bunch of perfumes, hair products, make up and other goodies for real cheap. my most favourite fragrances ever are these ones from cacheral. during the year, the prices are ridiculously reasonable and then once a year they have a huge sale where things go for mad cheap.

this time last year i got amor amor (the red one), a rad make up bag, a body lotion and a shower gel all in a set for 270 ZARS. go figure.

i popped in yesterday and managed to pick up amor amor and tentation plus the cutest notebooks (as a set) for 200 smacks each.

so now i have 2 brand new perfumes and a place to scribble notes and boys numbers for just 400 buckeroos.

i'm happy.

you should pop in and check it out. for example: those huge l'oreal shampoos they use in salons are going for R150.

they stock clarins, vichy, lancome, redken, ysl and most perfume brands.

cube cosmetics is where it's all happening.

pleasure. x

Thursday, March 24, 2011

new things.

i rescued some gross shelves this long weekend, scrubbed them, covered the shelves in floral paper and made it home for all my recipe books and some other goodies. 
i bought these cute bowls at pick n pay for R16 each. 
and i got new long hair. trying out strawberry blonde (it could even be ginger) for a little while.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

ravi made me do it

another object i crazily desire: the national on vinyl

tom made me do it.


current object of desire: arcade fire on vinyl

some fyi: "So for the new album, we had each of the 16 tracks mastered to a 12 inch lacquer and then transferred back to digital format so that the CD and digital version of the record sound just like the vinyl."


Sunday, March 13, 2011


“su la tua passione si affievolisce con l’eta, voul dire che in realta’ non c’era mai stata”

(if your passion diminishes with age, then you never had it in the first place)

what a beautiful image.

Friday, March 11, 2011

the tale of the pink bicycle/bastard

fact: i have been lusting after a pink bicycle for many a month. i even started to believe it wasn't going to happen because not only was i unable to find a vintage cruiser that i liked the look of but there were no pink ones in this country. i found many when i was in the usa in december but customs and tax and lugging it on a cruise ship deemed the exercise invalid. eventually, i got hold of ben bikes who had johnny loco's in stock and were willing to cargo it to me from cape town. seeing as it felt like i was having the baby i hadn't been able to have for 10 years, i felt it necessary to fly to cape town (a little holiday romance, a few days up the west coast and hanging out with friends - a complete bonus) and collect the infant that was the beginning of my bicycling being. (not to mention the outrageously cute wicker basket from beatnik bazaar that would be the bike's spawn and that i would be collecting in ct too)

minor issues: the bike box hardly fit into any space (guest house room, collection car, car taking me to airport - thank you mermaid), box was already broken before i put it on the plane, box was too wide to fit through a door on an airport trolley, box was too high to see in front of you on an airport trolley, box required checking in to oversized baggage section (p.s. 20 x fragile stickers means it's fragile mr conveyor belt man), box was found, on arrival, lying damaged on the airport floor by chance, box required a hardcore shunt on a putco bus with airport staff to longterm airport parking which i'm convinced was halfway to durban, box only just fit in my car to take home and bike was blue.

luckily, the bike was partly dissembled but brother took it fully apart and i took all the blue bits on a little roadtrip to a panelbeater/spraypainting place where i was presented with swatches of different pinks to choose from (and the odd roll of the eyeballs from the man in charge)

2 days later i picked it up, let out a little squeal and raced home to put it all together finally.  

the pink bastard was born.

(the sexiness that is natalie roos')


now i just need a name for her but credit to beatnik for the original 'pink bastard'

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

current object of desire

especially for st. patricks day, all these albums are available as a bundle on import. (read: pricey)
you suck cash money!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

you camp out in the corners of my mind

"and i'm just a shadow of your thoughts in me 
but sun is setting, shadows growing 
a long cast figure will turn into night 
it's like nothing in this world ever sleeps"

- the tallest man on earth

Monday, March 7, 2011

snapshots of my time away

i just spent the most incredible week in the cape. 3 days of it were spent up the west coast in paternoster where we ate, slept and ate. the rest of the time was in cape town - catching up with friends, attending the mk awards, collecting my bike (pics coming), eating a lot, trying to survive the mad heat, swimming and meeting twitter friends. i stayed in a really nice guest house in tamboerskloof and kinda enjoyed not having a car or needing to be anywhere. above and beyond all of this, i fell in love. (a story for a whole other time)