Saturday, March 26, 2011

i smell pretty again

there is this fabulous clearance warehouse in fourways that sells a whole bunch of perfumes, hair products, make up and other goodies for real cheap. my most favourite fragrances ever are these ones from cacheral. during the year, the prices are ridiculously reasonable and then once a year they have a huge sale where things go for mad cheap.

this time last year i got amor amor (the red one), a rad make up bag, a body lotion and a shower gel all in a set for 270 ZARS. go figure.

i popped in yesterday and managed to pick up amor amor and tentation plus the cutest notebooks (as a set) for 200 smacks each.

so now i have 2 brand new perfumes and a place to scribble notes and boys numbers for just 400 buckeroos.

i'm happy.

you should pop in and check it out. for example: those huge l'oreal shampoos they use in salons are going for R150.

they stock clarins, vichy, lancome, redken, ysl and most perfume brands.

cube cosmetics is where it's all happening.

pleasure. x

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