Monday, July 18, 2011

a sunday afternoon

yesterday afternoon greg had a bit of time off so we played a spot of tennis, went for a lovely walk, found the chapel we will get married in and had the raddest, laziest night in front of the fire eating cheese fondue.


sweet backdrop hey?


me and charlie the sausage


our cheese and wine fondue with bok choi, blanched mange touts, grilled aubergine and tomato skewers, thyme mushrooms, marinated olives and crispy cubes of ciabatta.


  1. Hey beautiful. When is the wedding gonna be? Cos I wanna be there. I hope iv saved enough when it comes around...

  2. hey love! not sure yet hehe. next year i imagine :) save those pennies! i want you there xxx

  3. :)
    will you let me know when you have decided on a date?
    i wanna be there xx