Tuesday, April 19, 2011

treats from los estados unidos

my folks just spent 2 weeks in the USA. my dad attended the masters golf tournament in augusta- a lifelong dream of his. and my mum...shopped. a life long talent of hers.

i got spoilt beyond comprehension...here are some of the highlights:


retractable felt-tip pens! and metallic ones!

it's a hook! it's from ikea!

most favourite hand cream ever from crabtree and evelyn.

gasp. have you ever even smelt this?

easter cookie cutters! and some fun woodland critter ones too. 

excited for moose cookies!

...winter better hurry the flip up and finish.


goodies for the face area.

cupcake treats.

"wear heels for longer" "prevents foot ache"

i'm all for these.

1 terabyte i tell you! downloaaaaaaaaad!

favourite! (for all the right reasons)


i got a whole bunch of other stuff. including a brand new garmin! feeling so blessed and spoilt.

anyone wanna come over and share some jelly beans?


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