Thursday, December 8, 2011

on being home.

it's so good to be back in zimbabwe after 1 and a half long months.

fresh picked veggies waiting for us

put up the crappy plastic tree

but greg had organised a real one from the forest

got these at the airport

first decoration that has fallen and been shown who's bss

painted these today

the gardens are looking incredible. you notice so much more when you're gone for a while.

got five new bird feeders around the house - hoping they bring some incredible birdlife

missed these lil girls too much.

so good to be home. xxx

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  1. Love this post. So warm. I have redone my dogs kennel and am about to make a little sign for my doggies (Caesar and Ella - she looks like a big daschie actually haha). Love how you have done yours. Enjoy home and the holidays!