Monday, August 15, 2011

snippets of the weekend

greg was off this weekend...meaning...lazy mornings, lots of food and just good quality time together.


we had breakfast on the verandah on our *new* furniture. freshly squeezed orange juice, cinnamon french toast with orange curd and fruit salad


greg played the guitar. it makes me swoon!

then we went on a picnic to the most amazing viewpoint. we took the puppies and lots of yummy food. and we chilled hard!


we baked olive oil and honey bread and made sweetcorn and spring onion fritters; roasted beetroot and aubergine salad with dill, lemon and greek yoghurt; roasted butternut, baby tomato, rocket and avo salad; brocolli, raisin and sesame salad with a lemon dressing; marinated olives, some cheese and leftover pasta from the night before.

we napped...


then we ate lemon yoghurt cake for dessert.


then we went home and watched the sunset with g&t's on the verandah.

on sunday we had creamy oatmeal with cinnamon-y apples, pomegranates, banana, strawberries and orange curd. quite magical. then we got in the car and just drove. we stopped for snacks along the way but we just drove and adventured for most of the day. this is some of what we had to deal with...


go away monday!


  1. friend you should write a recipe book, your food always sounds so awesome and makes me hungry!

  2. i want to live with yooooooouuuu, yum!

  3. loveeeee the pink bunting :)