Monday, August 15, 2011

some before and afters

we have had to do quite a bit of work to the house here in zimbabwe. again though, it is not our house so we don't want to do anything crazy or expensive. here are some pics of some of the improvements.


this is going to be our office. we ripped up the carpets and really liked the cement effect do we decided to 'floor paint' it. i loved these yellow curtains that i spotted in south africa so lugged them with.


also liked these blue curtains from south africa. this is the spare room. note the bunting blowing in the gale-like mountain winds outside...the fence-like things on the windows are grenade boxes from back in the war days. i wanted to make them into window boxes so i did...


how rad are these? the soda's get delivered to the hotel in these wooden crates...i nicked a few and used them as my flower boxes that are going to go into the windows.


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