Thursday, June 23, 2011

quelques nouvelles choses


don't think i have ever been as excited as when i spotted these floral wedges in mr price the other day. i'm even going to wear them with stockings so i can just hurry up and wear them. in love!


i picked up this cute little number in china town for r140. it's fun!

my mum says it looks like i spilled smarties on myself.


check this! 
you can wear it like this...


or like this...


or wear both like this!

r130's worth of fun. we heart china town!


also grabbed these in china town. r20 each. i wear them together. they're jangly!


  1. YAH for Chinatown. I have a firend who's always going on about how she can buy EVERTHING cheaper there :) WHK has one too and I shall have to investigate when I'm back. At the moment I'm still on awe of the high street fashion of Berlin.

  2. you must be having a ball! have fun my friend! one day we will conquer china town together! xxx

  3. love the shoes!
    i hope my local mr p has them too.

  4. I've just moved to Johannesburg and would love to go explore China Town, I've heard so much about it, but haven't had a chance to get there yet, nor do I know exactly where it is. Can you give me some directions and tips for when I head out?

  5. hey kierryn!

    ah i would love to help you out.

    i have actually just moved to zimbabwe from south africa but i will be back in august for a bit and would love to help you out more then.

    meantime, i go to china mall just off main reef road near fordsburg. hope that helps. send me your email address if you would like and i'll send you some more tips x