Monday, June 6, 2011

stressed is desserts spelt backwards

this weekend, i started the gruelling task of the worst part of any move - sorting out and packing.

 anyone who knows my house, knows i like stuff, i have a lot of stuff. stuff stuff stuff.

i managed to just attend to my closet this entire weekend. organising what i think must come with, what i'm donating and what i think i just will never wear there (including all 57 pairs of high heels)

i have a massive wardrobe. things are colour coded in there because there's just too much to try and make sense of. part of this undertaking though is simplifying and streamlining and making do with as little material objects as possible.

one of the biggest challenges is going to be packing up what i think i need into boxes that will fit into 2 cars. just my first aid box and medicines take up half my boot already! i need to take clothes, shoes, medicine, toiletries, house stuff, kitchen stuff, work recipe books alone take up my back seat. and y'all know i can't survive without my recipe books.

i know there are bigger things to worry about in life but i'm already feeling a little flustered and stressed. 

there's. just. so. much. to. do.

and according to my sister (and some articles i may add): moving house is one of the leading causes of divorce. great...considering...well, you know.

kinda wish this was the case...pun intended.

so that was my weekend. 


hope yours was delightful! 

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